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Accurate extension customer identification of customers anti-money laundering due diligence risk monitoring

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Accurate extensionCustomer identificationAnti-money launderingDue diligenceRisk monitoring
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Professional and efficient enterprise risk control platform

Provide comprehensive one-stop service for enterprise information query, corporate credit analysis, corporate risk management, corporate due diligence, risk monitoring and early warning; real-time, efficient and professional monitoring of corporate risk status; support for corporate risk management, data service support and decision reference.

Corporate Information Survey
360 ° portrait, full-dimensional data
Enterprise Credit Analysis
Penetration recognition
Penetrating layer by layer, complex equity identification
Enterprise Risk Management
connection relation
Digging into equity and investment relationships
Corporate due diligence
Due diligence
Multidimensional data provision, online and offline interaction
Enterprise risk monitoring
Monitoring and early warning
Monitor and push enterprise risk information in real time

Beneficial owner identification

The enterprise search professional version uses big data technology to deeply dig complex corporate equity structure and foreign investment, and penetrates layer by layer. The equity investment proportion is weighted to calculate the total amount, and the company's ultimate beneficiary and company investment map are identified.

Perform layer-by-layer traversal of the equity relationship of the target company, drill down layer by layer and determine the beneficiary owner, and penetrate the boundaries as natural persons, government agencies, and foreign companies; weight the company's equity level and the proportion of equity investment actually occupied by each level in order to calculate the total , Screening> = 25% of natural person shareholders; if there is no natural person shareholder holding more than 25% of the shares through the identification result, key management personnel or legal representatives of the enterprise are selected according to the "Company Law".

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Deep leading big data solutions

Using the world's leading big data technology as the basis and support for research and development, based on massive data, it is updated and cleaned daily in real time to ensure the timeliness, high quality and high reliability of the data; a multi-level real-time self-learning detection system that integrates multiple dimensions Portrait and decision engine, combined with business scenario customization strategy.

Massive Data

Massive Data
Massive Data

Massive Data
The platform is indexed by 150 million companies across the country, and continuously collects and integrates massive, diverse and heterogeneous related information, including a large amount of unstructured data (such as lawsuits, patents, trademark public opinion data, etc.), including business information and knowledge Various aspects such as property rights, risk information, talent needs, etc., realize the 360-degree depiction of holographic portraits of enterprises.
Data modeling

Data modeling
Data modeling

Data modeling
Relying on the company's panoramic portraits, build an enterprise evaluation model system, comprehensively evaluate corporate risks from six aspects, such as identity characteristics, compliance with laws and regulations, development potential, business status, behavior preferences, and innovation qualifications, while comparing 150 million nationwide corporate credit risks Situation, given the relative credit rating of a specific company among enterprises in the country, more objectively reflects the situation of corporate risk.
Visual analysis

Visual analysis
Visual analysis

Visual analysis
Through the integration of equity investment, tenure relations, patents, bidding, and litigation cases of enterprises and participants, the query theme is used as the core to spread to the outer layer to form a network relationship diagram, which intuitively and accurately describes the thousand The inextricable relationship can give a more three-dimensional insight into the corporate pedigree, discover the truth of business operation, identify industry investment strategies, and assess corporate credit risk.
Big data architecture

Big data architecture
Big data architecture

Big data architecture
Has a complete big data platform, from massive data collection to data cleaning and finishing, data modeling and analysis, data visualization and processing to provide integrated big data solutions; relying on enterprise big data foundation, intelligent Chinese semantic analysis, advanced natural language processing And core technologies such as pattern recognition, effective cleaning, accurate classification, value-added labeling, and risk identification of unstructured text, providing technical support for corporate decisions.

Supplier Life Cycle Risk Management

The Enterprise Search Professional Edition relies on the country's first one-stop enterprise credit query platform-enterprises search large amounts of enterprise big data based on powerful artificial intelligence algorithms, supplemented by visual data analysis tools to help enterprises fully understand suppliers Management and credit information, insight into the relationship between suppliers, and effective management of the supplier's entire life cycle risks, including access, audit, evaluation, monitoring, etc., to reduce operating risks and increase profit margins.

Serving thousands of enterprise customers

Covering government, finance, investment institutions, manufacturing, Internet and other industries

Big data foresights the future, big data manages risks

Enterprise Search Professional Edition is a professional enterprise risk monitoring platform that provides value information and decision-making reference for enterprise risk management and control

Real-time data deduplication, decontamination integration, and analysis based on full enterprise information data. Real-time monitoring of corporate information changes throughout the year, and intelligent analysis and integration of machine learning technology to achieve hierarchical risk control and fast delivery of important information through multiple channels.

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Accurate extension

Supports intelligent search in multiple scenarios, supports advanced filtering with multiple conditions, and daily pushes new companies under the default filtering conditions to obtain sales leads in a timely manner for precise marketing

Beneficiary Identification

Digging deep into the complex equity structure of the enterprise, and seeking the total shareholding ratio, identifying the beneficiary owners of non-natural person customers according to the central bank's anti-money laundering requirements

Exploration of Equity Relations

Find out the hidden relationships between enterprises and enterprises, people and enterprises, verify the blacklist, and help enterprises effectively maintain a fair and just environment for bidding and procurement

Outward investment identification

Quickly understand how many companies are included in the group structure, who is the owner, who is Dong Jiangao, and who is the actual controller; which companies have individuals invested in and which legal persons or executives have they held?

Risk monitoring and early warning

Massive information network scanning, semantic recognition, public opinion analysis, risk division, and deep learning to protect customers

Interface docking service

80 million + household business data, 7 * 24 hours of uninterrupted service, 90 data dimensions, comprehensive data interface

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